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ACO StormBrixx is an advanced, market-leading SUDS system designed to store water more effectively. As part of our new stormwater attenuation and infiltration solution, ACO StormBrixx breaks new ground. Its ingenious brickbonding and crossbonding feature delivers greater structural integrity – increasing reliability. An intelligent, stackable design simplifies delivery and installation, while minimising carbon footprint. What’s more, inspection and maintenance is made quick and easy thanks to a host of smart design features which reduce running costs and prolong system life.

The ACO StormBrixx open cell structure permits completely free access for CCTV and jetting equipment which allows the whole system, including all the extremities, to be inspected and maintained from just a few access points.
ACO StormBrixx simplifies delivery, site logistics and installation as a result of its stackable design. Each single injection moulded piece nestles, optimising logistical and installation cost significantly, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the product.
The ACO StormBrixx system has been independently tested to certify it's structural integrity.
The patented brickbonding and crossbonding feature provides a strong, long term installation and also helps to improve the construction speed of the tank.
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Video case study
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