StormBrixx overcomes retail site's flooding issues

ACO StormBrixx has successfully been used to overcome flooding issues on a busy retail park in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

During heavy rainfall, this heavily trafficked development suffered from severe flooding, making parts of the car park unusable. Over time, the existing soakaways have become inadequate providing no real outlet for the drainage channels.

The solution provided was a 930m³ ACO StormBrixx infiltration system. The installation was completed by Graybuild Limited, the main contractor for this project.

With space, storage and time a premium for this busy site, ACO StormBrixx's unique design features were exploited to simplify site logistics and installation.

ACO StormBrixx was also able to overcome another potential issue during this installation. A electrical street lighting cable runs across the site and relocating the cable would be an expensive and very time consuming task. As ACO StormBrixx can be constructed on site, the cable was run inside the system without cutting the product or repositioning the cable and making it a very simple and cost effective procedure.

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